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Posted by wellington on 06-17-2001 07:00 PM:

XMI Watch

A number of UML tools have recently started shipping support for XMI.

We hope to create a list of these tools in this thread.

Note that interoperability testing has not been done by us for these tools although we plan to do this eventually.

If you are aware of any tools that support XMI, please post to this thread.

April, 2001
Scriptor 2.4 can read an XMI file and use it to generate code, which may be customized.

May, 2001
MagicDraw UML 4.5 can read and write UNISYS UML XMI.

June, 2001
Structure Builder 4.5 from Webgain now supports XMI.

June, 2001
ObjectDomain R3 was announced by ObjectDomain Systems to include XMI import/export.

July, 2001
Ideogramic UML 1.0 is an innovative new UML tool which uses gesture-based input for true electronic whiteboard modeling sessions. The default file format for this tool is XMI.

August, 2001
Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 2.5 has just been released and now supports import and export of models using XMI.

September, 2001
Boldsoft's Bold for Delphi 3.1 now supports XMI import from other tools.

December, 2001
Softera's SoftModeler 3.5 has just been released and now supports XMI export.

January, 2002
Adaptive Arts R3.3 now supports XMI 1.1 with UML 1.3: support for exporting library contents in XMI/UML format, with optional Rose 98 Diagram views

Posted by AJERVIS on 08-24-2001 10:12 AM:

Lightbulb Another tool for your list:

Hi all,
I know that MEGA Development has had XMI (import & export) facility for over 6 months already.
Check it out and see for yourself.
In addition, MEGA Development has an automatic diagram generation, to graphically visualise imported objects & their links.
This XMI import/export really works!

Try XMI export in Rational's ROSE, then import that same XMI export back into ROSE - does it work? You will find that it probably won't!!

For more info, you can check out the PDF for MEGA Development at the following URL: http://www.mega.com/us/download/productpdf.htm

Posted by dmprice on 08-24-2001 11:18 AM:

The open source ArgoUML tool uses XMI as its native file format. See http://argouml.tigris.org/

Posted by breton on 10-04-2001 11:29 PM:

Sybase PowerDesigner 9 imports/exports XMI

http://www.sybase.com/neptunebeta - Beta 2 has been posted for PowerDesigner 9, supporting import and export of XMI.

Posted by andygurd on 11-15-2001 10:34 AM:

Telelogic Tau UML Suite

Telelogic Tau UML Suite from Telelogic (www.telelogic.com) supports XMI import/export. It can handle large UML models in XMI format, supports both 1.0 and 1.1, and uses the Unisys extensions for diagram presentation information (as exported by the Unisys XMI add-in for Rose), if present.

Posted by JoseMartinez on 05-13-2002 08:08 PM:

GDPro support for XMI

GDPro version 5.8 (now named DESCRIBE after Embarcadero bougth it from Advanced Softwares, will import XMI and will also export XMI format. It also import Rational Rose. During import of Rational Rose I had the impresion that DESCRIBE was converting the Rational Rose file into XMI first before importing it into DESCRIBE. That might not be the case, however. But the XMI support is there!

Posted by SZ on 05-21-2002 04:28 AM:

Sequence diagram starting from the bytecode

One of the most innovative uses of XMI we have seen so far is the wonderful new tool J2U which is covered in detail in a thread in our UML Tools forum.

Essentially, J2U performs a trace on a running Java program and can later export this trace as an XMI file containing all of the object interactions recorded. The XMI file can be imported into Rational Rose which then produces very useable sequence diagrams. Check out the link above to see the results!

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