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Posted by SZ on 05-22-2001 02:08 AM:

Practical Java by Peter Haggar is a rare find for Java books: an intelligent, challenging and useful book for the intermediate to advanced Java developer which explains a number of the more subtle points about the Java language, always with an eye for the fine points of object-orientation.

Each chapter, or 'praxis' as the author calls it, addresses useful techniques for writing more effective Java programs. Some of the many useful topics include:

+ how to properly clone an object
+ testing for object equality
+ using finally to clean up resources
+ avoid use of instanceof in favor of polymorphism
+ minimizing the cost of object creation
+ lazy evaluation
+ differences between interface, abstract class and concrete class
+ uses for immutable objects

The list goes on. This book should be part of every Java expert's library.

ISBN: 0201616467

Posted by REF on 11-03-2001 10:02 AM:

If you liked "Practical Java", you'll probably love "Effective Java" by Josh Bloch (heck, you probably have it already).

Posted by SZ on 11-18-2001 04:34 AM:

Effective Java by Joshua Block is an outstanding book. Thanks, REF, for reminding me about this book. I went back for a look and I am finding some great stuff.

In particular, I really like the section Item 21: Replace enum constructs with classes. After describing why traditional enum's are 'brittle', the author describes a pattern for typesafe enums using classes. You can see from this section how rigorous the author is in terms of using object-oriented design to circumvent common pitfalls of non-OO constructs.

One nice outcome of using classes here is that classes can be extended as the items being enumerated take on additional meaning. This adds a whole new dimension to a program as the details of the enumerated types are fleshed out in a way which maintains encapsulation. With traditional enum's the functionality gets flung all over the program wherever switch statements are found that use the types.

I hope to follow up with other interesting gems that I find in this book.

Posted by ebengtso on 12-24-2002 08:00 AM:

I have read it and its very good, but there is a lot of tricks for starters. Half of it was helpful to me, and the other half I just skipped.

I recommend it.

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