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Posted by SZ on 06-21-2002 04:20 AM:

Coad on Strategy, Larman on Process

Two of the top object technologists, Peter Coad and Craig Larman, recently teamed up to give a seminar titled: Coad on Strategy, Larman on Process.

Now let's be frank, this seminar was a slick advertising show for TogetherSoft (Coad) and Valtech (Larman). That said, for a free seminar, this was an interesting opportunity to find out what these guys are up to recently.

Peter Coad spoke a lot about Feature Driven Development (FDD), which is an iterative development approach in the Unified Process tradition. You can read about FDD by downloading the whitepapers found at Coad's site, http://thecoadletter.com. A large part of his presentation was also about staying one step ahead of the competition in a competitive market.

During a Q&A session, Coad responded very well to a question about where TogetherSoft is going with Visual Studio, C#, and .NET. Simply put, he doesn't see his company doing what Rational did, which is become 'commoditized' by Microsoft after providing a 'free' version of their product in an earlier version of Visual Studio. (Note: in VS .NET, Microsoft replaced Rational with Visio as the 'free' UML tool.)

Craig Larman focused on his specialty, agile and iterative development, which also follows in the Unified Process tradition. He preceded his discussion with some sobering statistics on failed software projects, which agile software hopes to fix. Larman announced his upcoming book titled Agile and Iterative Development: A Manager's Guide. According to Larman, the book will follow the style and level of presentation of David O. Taylor's highly recommended Object Technology, A Manager's Guide. Check Larman's website, http://www.craiglarman.com for updates and other published papers and links.

If your company is already following an agile, iterative development process, you are lucky. If not, look carefully at what these industry leaders are recommending if you want to be truly successful with your projects.

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