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Posted by Java on 05-18-2001 05:52 PM:

Thumbs down

The spell checker thinks UML and OO are typos.
Not what you would expect at a UML forum!
(I know I can add them to MY spelling list)

Posted by SZ on 05-24-2001 03:29 AM:

It was nice while it lasted but the spell checker was taken out of the final 2.0.0 release of vBulletin, to which we just upgraded.

It went the way of all free Internet services... Which basically means that they started charging any other service providers like vBulletin which were using their free service. To maintain the cost of vBulletin, the authors wisely elected to remove the service.

On a related note, Xdrive, a once free Internet disk drive service, went to a pay-for service model and deleted my account with all of the storage. I don't recall getting a message (not that I was really using it recently). But I did get a message soliciting me for the pay-for service after kindly reminding me that they deleted all my old files!

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Show 15 posts from this thread on one page

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