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Posted by bhaskar on 03-19-2002 05:57 PM:

use cases

Which of the following are TRUE about services resulting from use cases?

a)New requirements in use cases generally result in one or more public methods in a domain model class.
b)Private methods are required by the system's use cases.
c)Use cases drive the design of interaction diagrams, which in turn define public methods in domain model classes.
d)Each alternative scenario of a use case generally results in a new association between classes.

This has two correct answers.
I beleive it's c and d. Any other answers?

Posted by sangeetamu on 03-22-2002 02:23 AM:

a) and b) are false, because as fowler says, use cases are an 'external view' of the system and may not have any direct correlation with the actual classes.
c) seems to be correct, use cases do drive the design.

But again im not sure about d) - each alternative scenario might result in an association, but is it the case always ? The above statement which ive quoted from fowler is the reason for my doubt.

Though,incase u r sure there are two answers to the question, then c) and d) seem like the best options.

Posted by garth on 03-22-2002 04:33 PM:

It is true that use cases may not have any direct correlation with actual classes. The word "may" is what needs to be looked at here. Page 75 of larman: "Use-Case realization drives the design. That is, the team designs collaborating objects and subsystems in order to perform or realize the use cases."
I think that "a" is wrong because you are adding methods to the domain model which is not a picture of software classes. Larman page 130. I also think c is wrong for the same reason. That leaves us with b and d by default.

Posted by garth on 03-24-2002 04:27 PM:

Upon further reflection I think I am wrong.

Fowler on page 18 says: "I use the term domain model to describe any model whose primary subject is the world that the computer system is supporting, whatever stage of the development process you are in."
I am going back to choices "a" and "c". They are clearly the best answers.

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