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Posted by sonny02 on 11-02-2005 05:52 AM:

Best Open Source UML tool released!

I've got a newsletter from a forum for uml.
It said open source uml tool and forum are launched yesterday.
When I visit this website, it's very cool.
I downloaded the open source uml tool and installed it.
It was very easy and lightweight to use.

That name is StarUML

Below is a list of its features:

-UML 2.0 diagrams
-Various language support
-Microsoft Office document generation
-Customizable code generation.
-Support MDA technology (UML profiles and customizable diagrams)
-Diagram extensibility (Define your own type of diagram beyond the UML)
-Controlling units and fragments.
-High compatibility
-Model verification (based on UML 1.4 well-formedness rules)
-Pattern support

www.staruml.com is its official website.
staruml.tigris.org is for developers


Posted by SZ on 11-03-2005 02:36 AM:


This UML tool was formerly known as Plastic from Plastic Software. Now they have taken this tool open-source under the GPL license and the project is being hosted by Tigris.

Those of you who have a sense of history will remember that Jason Robbins - of ArgoUML fame - is a principal at Tigris and still contributes to the ArgoUML project, also hosted by Tigris.

Tigris is also famous for hosting Subversion, a CVS replacement.

Best wishes to StarUML on your new home!

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