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Posted by techy on 08-11-2005 11:39 PM:


I hope someone can answer or suggest

Which of the two exams is more important or more beneficial

or in other words do they test same skills

which is more recoganized in industry

please answer



Abhay Patny

Posted by SZ on 08-12-2005 01:50 AM:

If you read through Craig Larman's book, Applying UML and Patterns, and learn UML as a process, instead of UML as a language, then you will be far better off than studying the OMG UML standards. Then think about taking the IBM OOAD exam, which tests your object-oriented design knowledge, rather than your memorization skills for UML notation. I can't imagine anybody using UML productively if they don't understand how it describes object-oriented design principles.

Also, read Larman's 3rd edition, not the 2nd edition which is still being recommended by IBM's site. The 3rd edition is substantially revised for Agile Software development, another topic with which you want to be very familiar. For more information on this edition, see the following forum thread.

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Show 15 posts from this thread on one page

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