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Posted by vanagike on 11-08-2006 11:26 AM:

Thumbs up MagicDraw UML 12.0 EAP and SysML plugin 1.0 EAP beta is released

Hi there,

No Magic, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of MagicDraw UML 12.0 EAP Beta and our new SysML plugin 1.0 EAP beta. To enhance the quality and functionality of the final release of these products, we encourage you to try new features and provide us feedback as early as possible.
The EAP beta releases include all the features that will be in the final
(GA) release coming at the beginning of December 2006. Please note that the version you are accessing is in early stage development, thus its stability and robustness cannot be guaranteed. We recommend that you do not use any EAP beta releases for production software projects.

What's New in MagicDraw 12.0 EAP Beta:

* SysML plugin for MagicDraw. The SysML plugin supports all SysML
diagrams, including Requirements, Block Definition, Internal Blocks, Parametric and other UML diagrams reused by SysML. With SysML, MagicDraw adds support for additional specification, analysis, design, and validation of a broad range of systems and system integrations. The SysML Specification which this implements can be found on the OMG website at http://www.omgsysml.org/#Specification
* Dependency Matrix.
* Domain Specific Language Customization Engine.
* A wizard for Activity Decomposition Hierarchy.
* Updated C# and C++ code engineering support.
* Support of advanced Structured Activity Nodes.

Check http://www.magicdraw.com/newandnoteworthy section to read the detailed description of MagicDraw 12.0 EAP Beta features.

TRY MAGICDRAW V. 12.0 EAP Beta and SysML plugin 1.0 EAP Beta, by downloading a new free demo versions.

Please connect to http://www.magicdraw.com/download.html and download MagicDraw 12.0 EAP Beta.

Please connect to http://www.magicdraw.com/downloadsysml and download SysML plugin 1.0 EAP for MagicDraw.

Enter your login name and password.
If you have forgotten your password, use the password reminder service.


MagicDraw UML Team
No Magic, Inc.

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