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Posted by happyboyjmw on 07-04-2003 03:35 PM:

Talking Passed ,God Bless Me

This is the fourth exam I have taken and passed in the last three months,the other three are SCJP,SCWCD,SCEA. Believe it or not, I just spent 10 days(full day) on it since my unemployment ten days ago.

Thanks a lot to all the guys here, all your contributions are appreciated. I will summarize how I got the certificate to you as reward.

Oh, sorry, first let me show my score report here, just got 86%, not too good, but also not too bad for my short time for preparation.

1. Development Process 86%
2. Requirements Modeling 80%
3. Architecture 100% (great!)
4. Static Modeling 83%
5. Dynamic Modeling 85%
6. Design and Implementation Techniques 86%
total 86%

to begin with,some experience while taking the example
first,just calm down,to tell the truth,The exam is not a piece of cake.but also not impossible,there are too many question including scenaros and exhibitions.It cost me 30 minutes to complete the test (marked all the question including exhibitions),to me,these questions are not difficult,you can tackle it if you have grasped the basic concepts well,what confused me are the next 2 hours I spent on the questions concerning scenaro(concert- ticket sale system).
second,is still calm down,trust yourseld,since you have entered the test center,what you have paid can not be unpaid,hehe,so you have nothing to do but calm down and concentrate on the exam.

the following materials are of great importance to me and to you(I think);

1,apply uml and pattern(larmon 's great book,bible for OOAD),read it through 2-3 times,if you only got limited time,then try to fully comprehend the example provided by the book.through it,you can learn a lot which you can benefit from in the exam.
2,uml distilled,if you know the basic concepts,then it is not necessary for you ,hehe
3.ICE from IBM certify site,I just got 50% after my first try.and I did not tried it again,I know i should,but I still made it
4.no other material except for two sites:www.objectsbydesign.com(my favorite),and OOAD&UML in yahoo .
Thanks to all of you again.
if you got any question,then write to me.I am glad to hear from you for further discussion.

IBM 486 Test(OOAD&UML)
now on the way for PMP

Posted by jayadev on 07-09-2003 03:44 PM:

That was an amazing achievement with only 10 days of preparation. Good luck on your future endeavours.


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