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Posted by tools_sdlc on 05-10-2004 07:23 AM:

Evaluation of various Modeling tools in Market

This is my first posting to the group, which has arguably the best modeling Gurus in it. My problem is an age old one for you people but for me it is new. Hope to get some feedback.

I am working for a global professional IT services company with an associate base of over 12,000 people. It provides services to over 300 global customers including a large number of Fortune500 companies.

We are in the evaluation process of the various Software Lifecycle Management tools for the entire Software lifecycle. We are looking at both End to End and Best of Breed tools.

We are planning to have these tools in the Central Repository for the use of PMs and developers for various projects which may be of span from 3 weeks to 3 years (even more).

The evaluation should be based on
1) Features and support
2) The Total cost of ownership of the tool
3) Pre-requisite skills needed to use the tool and training

But all the above criteria are independent. That is we donít worry about the cost if the tool has very good features.

So I need some help for evaluating the various modeling tools. Can anyone give some info/whitepapers/websites/third party consultants review/links on this??

I know its too broad a problem but any comparative analysis would be helpful.

Thanks in advance,
With Regards,


Posted by Sure on 05-10-2004 04:54 PM:


I am not sure whether this link UML tools which is object modeling tool will be of any help or not.



Posted by tools_sdlc on 05-11-2004 06:30 AM:

Shortlist of vendors


Thank you for spending your valuable time and responding to my message. It was really very useful to me.

We have short-listed the vendors/tools.

1.IBM Rational Rose
2.Borland Together
4. Embarcadero Describe
5. Sybase Powerdesigner
6. ca Allfusion modelling suite
7. Popkin System architect

At present I am gathering the features, which play an important role in selecting these modeling tools. If you have any links or information regarding this please send it.

If you have any side-by-side comparison of these modeling tools (like Rational Rose Vs. Borland Together, Rational Rose Vs. Telelogic etc.), Please send them.

Thanks in advance,

With regards,


Posted by SZ on 05-11-2004 12:13 PM:

If you are looking for full Software Lifecycle tools then Rational and Borland have the most comprehensive tool sets and have spent the most time integrating the various tools.

It is really Rational XDE that you are interested in since Rose is being phased out.

XDE integrates well with Websphere Studio (WSAD), which in turn integrates well with Purify, CodeCoverage, Clear Case, etc.

For instance, in XDE for WSAD you can make changes to classes, add new classes, refactor, etc. Then you can reverse engineer the classes, which will automatically update your existing UML diagrams, or drag the new classes onto a new or existing diagram. Then you can run some JUnit or system tests. When you are satisfied with the changes, select the classes to check back in to Clear Case, add some release comments and submit the changes, all from within one integrated environment. Once you have used an integrated tool set, it is very hard to imagine doing work any other way.

Telelogic has also provided integration (Doors, for example).

It will be very hard for other UML tools to compete with this level of integration, although a possible strategy is to integrate with Eclipse, which in turn integrates with the other tool categories.

For a list of features for UML tools, including integrations, please see the UML Modeling Tools page on the OBD site.

Posted by tools_sdlc on 05-12-2004 05:34 AM:

Working on features

Dear SZ,

Thank you for your valuable suggestion.

Currently i am working on the features that are required for our company.With these features i am trying to design a questionaire which would be very helpful in evaluating various modeling tools.

I will reply back within this week. Hope i get full response from this forum of Modeling experts.

Thanks in advance,

with regards,


Posted by vanagike on 05-14-2004 02:53 PM:

Thumbs up

try MagicDraw UML (www.magicdraw.com)

Posted by VOM on 05-17-2004 04:25 PM:

and Visual UML (www.visualuml.com)

Posted by tools_sdlc on 05-20-2004 10:57 AM:

Thumbs up Help needed in evaluating the tools


I am very thankful to all the people who have responded to my message.

We have been given the task of conducting a survey from the users of Modeling tools. Hence we thought you people could help us.

We have already conducted a basic study on our requirements and we found those tools mentioned in the excel sheet were meeting our requirements.

I have attached a file with this mail. Do rank the products b/w 1-5(1 being poor, 5 being excellent) or in a suitable way and send it back to tools_sdlc@yahoo.com

If you feel there are some tools that should be evaluated, add them in the place of the tool that you are unaware of. Please do feel free to make any changes or additions, which you think will be relevant. Donít forget to give the weight to the features i.e., how important is the feature to you. You may not know/use all the features. But do fill in the relevant ones.

If any of your colleagues or friends is into Modeling tools do FWD this mail to them and get the feedback to me please.
Eagerly waiting for response from you.

Thanks in advance,


Posted by RUPractitioner on 05-21-2004 05:50 PM:


2 tools_sdlc:


So I need some help for evaluating the various modeling tools. Can anyone give some info/whitepapers/websites/ ...

There're lots of info but it all spreaded in 'small chunks' over the Internet, and dedicated to only one SLM (Software Lifecycle Management) or AMDC (Analysis Modeling Design Construction) suite, or other standalone/separate tools (PM, RM, CASE, IDE, testing, etc). I've never heard of such a Web site with free access, or papers for free, that provides a complete comparison/survey of two or more SLM/AMDC suites. The great example of a freely available survey for RM tools is Tools Survey: Requirements Management (RM) Tools (Ů) INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering), 2002

... third party consultants review/links on this??

Most of well known vendors you listed above have local office and/or partners (e.g:Borland, Sybase, CA, IBM, Telelogic and other brands like Oracle (Oracle Development Suite), IDS-Sheer(ARIS Toolset) --even in Russia they have both). If you contact a local one with your list of questions, i'm sure they will be glad to help you

If you have any side-by-side comparison of these modeling tools (like Rational Rose Vs. Borland Together, Rational Rose Vs. Telelogic etc.), Please send them.

Lots of info (e.g feature matrices, papers, and brief comparisons) can be found on the vendors' Web sites --some of well known or not but IMHO providing a very competitive products:

1. IBM Corp. (Rational) - 33.1%
2. Computer Associates, Inc. - 12.5%
3. Borland Software Corp. (Together) - 9.4%
4. Sybase, Inc. - 4.4%
5. Telelogic AG - 4.1%
6. Visible Systems Corp. - 2.1%
7. Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. - 2.1%
8. Popkin Software & Systems, Inc. - 2.0%
9. Oracle Corp. - 0.4%
10. Microsoft Corp. - n/a
11. Visual Object Modelers, Inc. - n/a
13. Gentleware AG - n/a
14. Interactive Objects Software GmbH - n/a
15. Select Business Solutions, Inc. - n/a
12. Softeam (Objecteering Software) - n/a
16. Sparx Systems Ltd. - n/a
17. Visual Paradigm - n/a
18. Goda Software, Inc. - n/a

The %% above represent market shares for AMDC -- data from Worldwide Analysis, Modeling, Design, and Construction Tools Competitive Analysis, 2003:2002 Shares and Current Outlook.
((Unfortunately, i didn't find a freely available report from IDC/Gartner that gives us more recent market shares for vendors. If you found such a report, please post URL to it here. Thanks!))

I have attached a file with this mail. Do rank the products b/w 1-5(1 being poor, 5 being excellent) or in a suitable way and send it back to ....

IMHO such polls are useless when they used an argument for practical choice because they show the totality of people that prefer/like a tool and how much they like it but not why --i.e any bud is more likely to give the highest rating to his only tool because his hadn't tried any others (e.g most of DB developers traditionally work with either one or two data modeling tools -- say, PowerDesigner (#1), Erwin (#2) or ER/Studio (#3) but there're lots of other competitive products)

I was doing quite a deep research based on my everyday work with some tools or direct testing of features/possibilities ((UI, diagramming, model exchange, model/UI/functional extensibility (scripting/plugins), model repository, integrations with other tools (RM, CM, testing, etc), code engineering, reporting, tool' help/documentation,)) of the following tools AMDC tools:

..and the following RM tools:


Posted by SZ on 05-21-2004 09:58 PM:

Thanks RUPractitioner and tools_sdlc for the great contributions. We will make an effort to collect the results for display on the OBD web site.

If anybody else has some valuable feedback, please post to this thread.

As I said earlier in this thread, it is really tool integration that provides a significant edge. It has a multiplier affect, not just an additive affect.

Posted by bbates on 05-29-2004 04:27 PM:

We reviewed a majority of these modeling tools for use in the Fortune 500 firm I work for.

When paying over $1K= 3K per seat the cost is too prohibitive for widespread adoption. Even though we use Clear Quest, Clear Case and Requisite Pro we found the cost of XDE too prohibitive. We are a .NET and Java shop.

Fortunately we found a tool that fits our needs perfectly and at a cost less than $189 per seat. The user interface is superb, the round tripping excellent, and output options not bad. The tool is 28 times cheaper than its competitors. We have been able to roll it out to 20 users/modelers and plan to roll it out to 50 more.

The product is Enterprise Architect (EAP) from Sparx Systems. http://www.sparxsystems.com. I am also noticing that more and more books are using EAP in their texts (Wrox Design Patterns in VB.NET) is an example.

I am delighted that everyone can participate in the design, analysis and development. We have used Popkin, Rose and XDE in the past. We also reviewed Describe.

Posted by SZ on 05-30-2004 03:13 AM:

Enterprise Architect 4.0 is also one of the first UML tools to support the new UML 2.0 specification.

For more information on EA 4.0, read the recent OBD interview with Geoffrey Sparks, founder and CEO of Sparx Systems.

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