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Posted by vanagike on 12-14-2005 12:25 PM:

Thumbs up MagicDraw UML 10.5 Extends Business Process Modeling with Export to BPEL

No Magic, Inc.®, a leading vendor of architecture modeling software, today announced the release of MagicDraw® UML 10.5, an upgrade of No Magic’s award-winning UML-based architecture tool. MagicDraw 10.5 extends its business process modeling capabilities to export Business Process Execution Language (BPEL 1.1) compliant code from Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) diagram. The new version delivers a brand new integration with ProActivity Business Process Analysis suite, updated NetBeans integration and improved GUI to increase flexibility and convenience using the tool.

What’s New in MagicDraw UML 10.5:

• The new MagicDraw UML BPEL Export functionality allows you to export your Business Process Execution Language (BPEL 1.1) compliant code from a Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) diagram. The outputted BPEL code can be used in BEA WebLogic 8.1. Available in Enterprise Edition only.
• MagicDraw UML and ProActivity Suite Integration. Now MagicDraw UML imports static and dynamic structure information from ProActivity business models for instant creation/redesign of IT systems.
• Updated integration with NetBeans IDE 4.X.
• Java 5 code engineering support in Eclipse integration.
• Our new version delivers GUI improvements that increase the convenience and flexibility of working with MagicDraw UML:
o Open in a new tab command opens your selected element in a new separate browser tab. This provides a comfortable way to work with elements of particular package on huge projects.
o The shortcut keys to the recent projects.
o The double-click on the project file starts MagicDraw and opens your project (only on Windows platform). MagicDraw extensions were changed to *.mdxml and *.mdzip to distinguish them from the generally used *.xml and *.zip.
o Added the Clone button in the panels of inner elements, such as Attributes, Operations, Inner Elements and other inner elements on the specification windows.
o Added a new very handy command in Edit menu to select all elements of the same type in an active diagram. To make this command work even faster, use the shortcut key Alt instead.
o The new Analyze menu item delivers all commands in one place that are related to the model analyzing capabilities.
o Informative tool-tips, displays the name and the entire path to the root of the pointed element in a diagram.
o The ability to make more space in Browser for model elements with the new option "Show Modules".
o The Create a New Specific Classifier command in Browser Inheritance tree quickly builds up the generalization relationship from a new element to parent classifier.
o The Invert Tree command in a Browser Inheritance tree overturns the hierarchy tree and allows seeing the child elements in the first level in the Browser.
o The Show Only Hierarchies option filters out the Inheritance tree from substantive classifiers and gives ability to see only classifiers connected with the generalizations relationships.
o The Find... command in the package shortcut menu performs quick search of elements in scope of the selected package.
• Additionally, the new MagicDraw version fixes the problems found in the following areas:
o Migration to UML 2.0;
o UML 2.0 support;
o Save/Load operations;
o Perfomance;
o Code Engineering;
o Reporting;
o Diagramming;
o Teamwork.

Check New and Noteworthy section to see detailed description of MagicDraw UML 10.5 features.

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