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Posted by nman on 03-26-2006 10:12 PM:

Actor generalization

In our ABC application we have users that use the system that are divided into remote, online, read-only and then we have those that administer the system. Can I generalize the first three (remote, online, read-only) into ABC User and leave the other on its own as ABC Administrator?

A good example where I would use this is for the system login. There I would only reference ABC User and ABC Administrator. Both of which would be Primary Actors.

The roles of remote, online and read-only aren't exactly the same but very similar. In a use case where ABC User was too general I could use one of the specific child actors such as ABC Remote User. Does this make sense?

Posted by Ku-Tse Cheng on 05-24-2006 01:16 PM:

In my opinion, I think it's OK to generalize 3 actors into ABC User. It will handle common parts of use-cases. But the names of three actors look unusual to me. I'm not sure if other names should be given instead.

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Show 15 posts from this thread on one page

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