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Posted by Sure on 06-17-2003 07:54 PM:

Question Uml 2.0 Activity Diagrams?

Hi All,

Does any one know good sources of documentation on web about UML 2.0 other than OMG?

Please pass it on.

How is UML 2.0 is different from UML 1.x?


Posted by Scott Ambler on 08-26-2003 03:40 PM:


- Scott

Scott W. Ambler

Posted by SZ on 08-27-2003 01:24 AM:

Scott Ambler has written a very thorough overview of UML 2.0 activity diagrams at the above link.

One oddity that stands out is that the diagrams are hand-drawn and a bit hard to read. My best guess is that this is a demonstration that you don't need a UML tool to do UML. Now in practice, whiteboard sessions really work and that is probably what Scott wants to demonstrate with these drawings.

However, the web is a different medium than a whiteboard session, and I can't help but think that these diagrams would be so much more useable if they were done with a UML tool, like the last diagram on the page.

This is an issue that comes up in Extreme Programming and Agile Modelling - the belief that design artifacts are too hard to keep in synch with the real implementation, and therefore, UML tools are frequently pushed to the side. However, when communicating an idea to others, the crispness of a professionally produced diagram cannot be beat.

Scott, what did you have in mind?

Posted by Scott Ambler on 08-27-2003 10:51 AM:

Yes. The drawings will be redone for the book, at the present moment they're good enough for the task at hand.

- Scott

Scott W. Ambler

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