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Posted by ecuellaro on 04-16-2002 11:31 PM:

Thumbs up Notes updated.

Hello guys.

I just cleared the OOA&D today. What a relief.

I completely agree with all the previous input posted before about the exam, the only contribution that I'm about to make is to be completely calm and focus during the exam specially if English is not your native language. I had to put a little extra effort because some of the business concepts confused me a little bit since you are required to read a lot of through the exam.

I'm attaching the final version of my notes. Please be sure to get them!!!! I found a lot of bugs in the previous attachment. I apologize for that.

Good Luck to everyone who is going for this certification.

Ezequiel Cuellar.
Software Developer.
CrossLogic Corporation.

Posted by ecuellaro on 04-16-2002 11:32 PM:

Sorry. Here are the notes.

Posted by SZ on 04-22-2002 01:54 AM:

Thanks again to Ezequiel for his wonderful contribution.

With Ezequiel's permission, we've posted these review notes to the OBD site and provided links both on the UML Certification and Applying UML and Patterns pages. Enjoy!

Feel free to submit observations, updates, questions and thanks to Ezequiel in this forum thread.

Posted by cfw on 04-25-2002 09:04 PM:

Thumbs up

Ezequiel, thank you so much for your excellent notes. I really appreciate your spirit of sharing experience and knowledge with others. While I studied your notes, I have taken the liberty of reformating them using MS Word. They are much more readable now and I'm sure I'll going through them a couple of times prior to the test.

I'm going to upload these notes so that other members could benefit from your effort. I would like to encourage other members to share their notes by uploading them to the forum. All forum members are welcome to edit these study notes and repost them later on.

I would consider myself as a lucky one as I could pick up Larman's book (2nd edition) yesterday from a nearby bookstore. A lot of folks say in China or in other countries may not have opportunity to access to these books or the price is too high for them. It may mean a few months income for them. I sincerely hope these notes would be beneficial to them.

Another suggestion to the forum is to reformat these notes to Q&A format. Of course, we will need a program to display them. Many folks would like this type of studying habit and I'm one of them.

Posted by SZ on 04-26-2002 02:17 AM:

Thanks cfw! This helps a lot for readability.

I also posted the Word format notes as a download with a link alongside the links I described earlier in this thread.

Posted by bareddys on 04-28-2002 05:59 PM:

Thank You

Congrats & Thank you so much for your wonderful notes. How do you compare sample test with the real one.

Posted by ecuellaro on 04-29-2002 01:37 PM:

Test comparison.

The practice test is similar to the real one, the difference is that the real one contains more diagrams but it has many straight forward questions. For me the real one was harder since I'm not a fast reader and many of the scenarios described in it are long. I suggest you to read previous posts from people who has taken it and you'll get a broader picture.

Posted by Raghav on 08-29-2002 12:08 AM:


Thanks Ezequiel, for the notes and thanks CFW for the wonderful formatting.


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