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Posted by sduskis on 12-10-2001 06:52 PM:

Cool IntelliJ 2.5 released

IntelliJ released the new version of IDEA on December 8.

The following new features exist in IDEA 2.5:

* added a whole bunch of new refactorings
* improved the UI
* integrated with JUnit
* integrated with Visual Source Safe

I've been using IDEA ever since it was recommended here... It truly is a terrific product.

Posted by capecod on 12-24-2001 09:58 AM:

IDEA 2.5 is a very clean, polished release. There are several features that really add to the polish:

+ Forward/Backward navigation was added. This works very much like a web browser where you can go backwards and forwards in the navigation history. Now undo/redo work properly whereas previously they were doing navigation as well. This navigation feature makes the whole IDE work more smoothly because developers frequently move back and forth between a small set of files.

+ The full list of refactorings was added to the right-click popup menu. While this seems like a small change it makes a big difference because now it makes the code-editing experience more object-oriented: you select a region in the code, right-click and then select the method of refactoring to be applied to the selected code.

+ Bookmarks can now be named by adding an annotation to the bookmark. This helps remember what the bookmark is for.

Beyond the polish, the biggest enhancement to this version is the addition of new refactorings.

See the original IDEA thread for more information on this tool.

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