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Posted by SZ on 11-26-2001 04:34 AM:

Talking SVG is real

Talk about progress!

It's really hard to contain our excitement after discovering that SVG has really begun to ship as a feature in UML tools.

This discovery was made when browsing the home page of the Batik project site. At the bottom of the page is a list of software which uses the open-source Batik software to render SVG.

On the list is Together Control Center 5.5, which was a very pleasant surprise. I tried it out and, yes, this feature is for real. Not only that, but it produces polished output. I viewed a fairly large class diagram using the Adobe SVGViewer 3.0, which has also improved greatly over earlier versions. The whole viewing experience was very smooth.

If you haven't yet played with SVG, take a look at the SVG page on the OBD site for more information. We are now using the SVG produced by Together Control Center for our Object-Oriented Calculator example (see overview).

Another tool of note on the Batik list is Oracle's JDeveloper9i.

What is evident with Batik integration in major UML development tools is the tremendous leverage that companies get when they integrate open-source software into their products.

If folks at TogetherSoft are reading, we credit you with an outstanding product integration!

Posted by BJA on 12-12-2001 02:26 PM:

Mountfield Computers mUML tool version 4.1.0 provides SVG generation of model diagrams.
Currenltly there are no links to the model
but you can pan/zoom all diagrams using the SVG plug-in.

Future version may generate links to HTML pages of model.


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